Toilets are one of the most essential parts of a home. No one can imagine bathroom without a toilet. Whether it’s your home, office, building, or public place, they are used multiple times on a daily basis and that’s why you can’t ignore the quality while buying one. When people ask about a good toilet, one of the most popular choices is Glacier Bay Toilets.

They have a wide range of all types of toilets from basic and simple to high tech just to meet needs of all users. But still, the one who is going to install a new toilet will have various questions in mind, like are Glacier Bay toilets worth buying?

Efficient in functioning and good in quality, Glacier Bay toilets are budget friendly options for homeowners who need something that is top quality but also affordable. So, let’s discuss in detail to find the reasons that make these toilets worth buying.

Glacier Bay Toilets

Glacier Bay, exclusively available at Home Depot, is a brand that serves homeowners with a variety of home improvement products, especially kitchen and bathroom. The products you will get from Glacier Bay are kitchen and bathroom faucets, showers, toilets, sinks and many more.

The brand products are most widely appreciated due to quality, affordability, and style. Its toilets are highly popular and WaterSense-certified. Most homeowners and contractors find them perfect when they need something that uses less water than standard toilets without sacrificing performance.

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Glacier Bay Toilets Best Features

Glacier Bay Toilets
Glacier Bay Toilets

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  • When it comes to technologies, Glacier Bay toilets are known for their powerful flush even in availability of less water. Some products of Glacier Bay have Tornado Flush Technology, in which the toilet uses two powerful jets of water to create a swirling vortex and clean bowl with minimum water quickly and efficiently while preventing clogs. Similarly, the brand offers technology in which the toilet uses a powerful pump just to create a forceful flush.
  • Flushing causes a lot of noise in most cases except the toilet comes with quiet operation like Glacier Bay toilets. They are designed in such a way that they create minimal noise which is why they are preferred by many to be installed in small bathrooms or master suites. The brand adds a variety of features like an insulated tank, soft-close seat, and quiet-fill valve.
  • Another good feature of the Glacier Bay toilet is its quick installation. Not only are they easy to install, but they also require no tools for assembly.
  • Glacier Bay offers Dual-flush toilets which allow the user to choose the flush according to their needs. The two options they offer to choose from are full flush and a half flush. With the help of this technology, you can save significant amount of water.
  • Glacier Bay toilets are WaterSense certified thus they are best to choose as they meet the efficiency and performance criteria of EPA. They are certified because they use less water like 20% than standard toilets, save energy and perform more efficiently than those that are uncertified.
  • ADA-compliant toilets are best for people with less mobility or disabilities because they offer 2-inch higher sitting places than standard toilets.
  • The brand adds an antimicrobial glaze which makes these toilets better for longer use and easy cleaning.
  • The manufacturers use concealed trap ways instead of molded ones. This not only gives a modern look to your toilet but also makes cleaning a breeze.

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Are Glacier Bay Toilets Worth Buying? Reasons To Choose

The simple answer is ‘YES,’ Glacier Bay toilets are worth buying. Why they are worth it needs a detailed discussion. So, why wait? Let’s check the reasons below.

Toilet Type

Glacier Bay toilets are worth buying because of the availability of two types of toilets. The first type is the one piece and the other is the two piece. One piece is best for houses with small children because it sits lower. In addition, its size is also compact. This makes it the perfect product for those families who are limited on space. You will also feel less stressed because of their easy cleaning and maintenance features due to the solid unit. When it comes to repairing, two piece models are the better option.

Bowl Shape

As Glacier Bay’s main focus is to offer products that meet a larger number of audience, they offer round and elongated bowl shapes. The former is perfect to install in small spaces while letter one provides comfort and stability with added ease to clean. Their toilets have less crevices around

Toilet Height

When standard toilets come with 15 inches height, Glacier Bay offers 17 to 19 inches height. These height differences are best for people either old or young who are struggling with back and knee issues. This increase in height is helpful in relieving stress.

In addition, elderly people and those with less mobility find more comfort in using these toilets. But don’t worry, if you have smaller family members or children in your home, Glacier Bay has small size toilets also which are comfortable to use.


The toilets are durable and will be usable for many years. The material like porcelain, ceramic, and vitreous china doesn’t add too much price; thus you get a durable, high quality product without troubling your wallet. When it comes to barriers, they use Sanigloss in some products which are not only beautiful finishes but with EverClean, the surface becomes more smooth and gorgeous. Barriers are also helpful in preventing oils and chemicals on toilets and eliminating streaks.

Water Saving Technology

Saving water is necessary in today’s society. This is not only beneficial for saving you money but also good for mother nature. That’s why Glacier Bay offers water-saving technology, and most products are WaterSense Certified which means their toilets use 1.28 water gallons or less per flush.


When it comes to price, you will find many expensive options from different brands. Among them, Glacier Bay toilets are of less price.

For example, One-piece elongated toilets are more expensive than two-piece Glacier Bay round toilets. Additional techniques like the dual-flush mechanism and water-conserving technologies adds more dollars to price.


Glacier Bay toilets come with a 1 year warranty so you can easily replace the products or parts if something wrong happens. In case of any query you can ask Home Depot customer service workers because the products are exclusively available only at Home Depot.

Types of Glacier Bay Toilets

1 Piece Vs 2 Piece Glacier Bay Toilets

One-piece products are single units. They have bowl and tank which are molded together. They are compact and small and best for smaller bathrooms while two-piece models are good for big bathrooms. The latter one has separate tank and bowl.

Single Flush Vs Dual Flush

 You have two options: half and full flush. The first is for liquids and the other is for solids and it gives 1.6 gallons of water. Thus, you get the opportunity to minimize water use and save planet.

Elongated Toilets Vs Round

Elongated toilets are larger and better options for larger areas but they are expensive. However, they are good as they offer comfort and are easy to use. Round toilets are smaller, more traditional and the best thing is that they are more budget friendly than others. However, they do not have as strong of a flush as the elongated toilets have.

Top 3 best Glacier Bay Toilets

Glacier Bay #N2420

It is one of best all-in-one toilets in elongated versions. If you have small space but want extraordinary comfort then Glacier Bay dual flush is the best choice. Washrooms with ample space can also be this option because of their stability and modern looks. It has a long lasting beauty because it is made up of white vitreous china and is resistant to fading, abrasion and fading, this dual flush is a perfect choice for kids and dogs. Due to its aesthetic design and gentle sleek curves it compliments any bathroom. Some best options in this dual flush are:

  1. Low profile tank, 1 piece design easy to clean
  2. Top-mounted push button with two options such as 1.1 GPF for liquid, and 1.6 for full flushes.
  3. Bowl height is 16.5 inches which complies with ADA’s accessibility requirements.

Glacier Bay #N2428RB

It is my favorite round high efficiency single flush. Its best thing because it is durable with vitreous China composition and also abrasion-resistant. It works best in household washrooms that have kids in house because kids fit better with round flush models as there are fewer chances to fall down. Best features of this toilet are as follows:

  1. A 2-inch fully glazed trap-way that has long lasting sanitary and cleaning effects.
  2. With two separate pieces it is slightly tedious to clean but easy to fix when there is some malfunctioning.
  3. It can easily fit in small spaces due to its compact design as its round bowl is not elongated as the precious model and most of the people prefer 16.5-inch chair height bowl that Glacier Bay product provides in its model.
  4. It has a single flush design with 1.28 GPF high-efficiency operation, but you don’t have as much control as you have in double. The only benefit is that you can save water in your home as 1.28 is quite low.

Glacier Bay #N2428E

If you want an extra comfortable toilet then look for this best option, as it is one of the best high efficiency choices. It operates at 1.28 GPF which makes it easy for you to use less water. It is important for common households. One thing that is not suitable is that it doesn’t use button, instead a pull handle and that makes it difficult to control how much water is used but it doesn’t matter a lot. Its vitreous China body is long lasting and resistant to acid, abrasions, and stains. Product has a marvelous meticulously engineered bowl design that offers incredible flush power more than other products. Other features include.

  • Glazed trap-way is helpful in making toilets clean and ensures hygiene which is important.
  • It is one of the easiest to install models that have a wax ring, toilet seat and floor mounting bolt seat. QuickConnect system simplifies the installation process and no special instructions and tools are required.

How To Install Glacier Bay Toilets

Glacier Bay Toilets
Glacier Bay Toilets

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Toilets are heavy like 80 pounds. If you want to move it or install it, you need someone’s help.

  • Take plastic flange, put it on drain, and screw it to floor. You have to slip anchor bolts into slots. Then place wax ring around that hole, which you can easily find on underside of your Glacier Bay toilet.
  • After that, lift your toilet squarely, lower it onto anchor bolts, sit on it, and move back and forth to check if the wax ring is set correctly. Then you have to tighten nuts by hand onto anchor bolts, and then for further security, use an adjustable wrench to tighten properly.
  • Then you have to tap any extra anchor bolt by using your wrench and screw on bolt cap.
  • Lift your tank, place it onto the bowl. Then align bolt holes with the ones on the top back of its bowl. You can tighten nuts, but for that hold nut bolt of your tank with a wrench then tighten bolt with the help of screwdriver.
  • Then you have to position shutoff valve on compression ring and hand-tighten the nut. Then it’s time to connect plastic supply line to both the shutoff valve and tank’s bottom; you have to hand-tighten each connection.
  • Then you have to align toilet seat’s rear side holes with ones on bowl and insert the seat bolts. Carefully tighten bolts with the help of screwdriver, but remember to keep nuts in your other hand.
  • Lastly, turn on water and the toilet shutoff valve and let the tank fill. After that, place tank lid on and then flush to check if everything is done correctly.

You can install Glacier Bay toilet yourself or do toilet plumbing but the recommendation is to ask professional plumbers. The process is easy but needs extra care. The plumber will keep all measures in mind and install toilet carefully without breaking anything. It will cost you around $125 which may vary depending upon your location, type of toilet, and labor cost.

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How To Maintain Glacier Bay Toilets – Maintenance Tips

How long your toilet remains in function depends not only upon material’s durability but also on how you keep and maintain it. Here are helpful tips. Follow them and keep your toilet clean and workable.

  • Build-up occurs with time and if your toilet tank gets dirty then water goes directly into bowl. This will create problems while cleaning. So, it’s better to clean your toilet after two months at least.
  • Cleaning the bowl is important because clogging and corrosion are obvious problems you have to deal with. In order to keep your toilet white and clean you can use toilet bowl cleaner. If you want a more homemade solution, just mix baking soda, vinegar, and water then take a toilet brush and clean the toilet every week. This cleaning bowl prevents potential foul odor and makes your toilet smell fresh.
  • You have to check wet spots on your toilet or around it to find leaks. You can also check water line which delivers water to tank and connects toilet to wall. Take food color, and add its few drops into tank. Once they sit after half an hour, check color in toilet, if its color changes it means there is a leak. Repair it as soon as possible.
  • Open your toilet’s tank lid and flush. Refill tank and check if fill valve stops dispensing water. If yes, then it means it’s working fine.
  • In addition to that, also check Drain Waste Vent Plumbing issues and fixes.

Are Glacier Bay Toilets Good And Worth Buying?

Glacier Bay toilets are good and worth buying. From quality to looks they are good enough to be part of your bathroom. Moreover, technology like dual flush, and tornado flush, are amazing for efficient work and keeping usage of water low. The types available make them easy choices for all types of bathrooms from small to large, public to luxury. The best thing is quality with price. They are budget friendly products and durable enough to be workable. So, overall Glacier Bay toilets are worth buying.

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