Toto is a leading company that has been producing bathroom fixtures like toilets, sinks, and tubs for over a century now. Its products are available in various colors that promise high-quality, class, and sophistication. However, it mostly uses different shades of white that go with many bathroom designs and styles. 

Colonial white and cotton white are two of its most popular colors, but homeowners and designers often get confused between them due to their close resemblance. They have many similarities, yet they show different qualities. Both colors have their own charm but which one is the right choice for your bathroom? And what makes them different from each other?

In this Toto colonial white vs cotton white guide, we have talked about both shades of white, compared their pros, cons, properties, and more. By the end of this article, you will also know exactly which one is the right fit for your bathroom. So, let’s continue. 

Toto and its Color Range

Toto is a big company that was founded in Japan in 1917 but now it has its manufacturing facilities in many other countries. Its products offer incredible features but one of their most prominent features is the carefully chosen color palette. 

Unlike other bathroom fixture brands that offer products in numerous colors, Toto uses only selective colors that are according to their customer’s preferences. They are versatile and match all styles of bathrooms, whether it is modern or traditional. 

You may think that selecting the right color for the bathroom is not that important, but in reality, it really is. Colors have the power to set mood for an entire space. They can change the complete look of a bathroom in various ways. 

It can sometimes become difficult to pick a color when you have plenty of options to choose from. Toto has removed this difficulty by offering its customers limited yet versatile color options. Their shades of white like cotton white and colonial white are easy to match with other colors and they go really well with many types of bathroom styles. 

Toto Colonial White

Colonial white is a softer shade of white and has warm undertones due to which it resembles off-white or beige to some extent. This creamy shade creates a comfortable and welcoming feel. 

Additionally, colonial white is adaptable. It changes its shade according to the lighting conditions. For instance, during the day when there is natural light spread in the bathroom, colonial white will appear somewhat pure white. But if you look at it in the evening, it may seem creamy under artificial light. 

It makes colonial white a suitable color for bathrooms having variable lighting conditions throughout the day. 

Pairing with other Colors

The creamy shade of colonial white makes it look good with green, brown, and other earth tones. If your bathroom has wooden elements or stone tiles, choosing colonial white would be the right decision.


  • Shows versatility
  • Adjusts to different lighting conditions
  • Creates a comfy atmosphere
  • Exhibits eternal grace


  • Not suitable for modern bathrooms
  • Needs regular maintenance

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Toto Cotton White

Compared to the colonial white, this color appears to be the pure shade of white. It does not have undertones of yellow, cream or brown, which gives it a clean and fresh look. That is why it is often chosen to create a clinical, bright, or minimalist bathroom designs. 

Toto Colonial White vs Cotton White-02

The good thing about this color is it goes well with various bathroom styles. Whether you want to create a traditional look or modern design, cotton white is your go-to color choice. 

Additionally, the glossy surface of Toto cotton fixtures allows them to reflect light, which gives bathrooms an open, bright, and welcoming look. You should pick this color if your bathroom is dimly lit and small and you want to make it look bright and big. 

Pairing with other Colors

Pairing your chosen color with other colors in the bathroom can be a tough decision. But when it comes to cotton white, making this decision becomes quite easy. It is because cotton white is one of the few colors that go well with many different hues. It will look good with both dull and bold colors. 


  • Compatible with different bathroom styles 
  • Creates a clean and fresh environment
  • Matches with other bathroom components easily
  • Can brighten up a space


  • Stains and dirt become more visible on it
  • Creates a clinical or cold feel 
  • Needs frequent cleaning
Toto Colonial White vs Cotton White-03

Toto colonial white vs cotton white

Now that you have learned enough about two different shades of white, let’s explore their differences in this ‘Toto colonial white vs cotton white’ section.

TraitsColonial whiteCotton white
Color tonesCreamy, off-whitePure white
Bathroom stylesTraditionalSuits all bathroom styles
Color compatibilityMatches warmer colorsMatches several colors
Aesthetic appealClassic, fresh, vintage ambianceClean and modern ambiance
MaintenanceRegular maintenanceMore frequent maintenance
DurabilityMore durableLess durable
AvailabilityNot so readily availableReadily available
Compatibility with other brandsAmerican Standard whiteKohler’s simple white

Color Nature

Cotton white has the color of freshly made cotton linen – crisp, pure white. On the other hand, colonial white leans more towards warm colors and appears to be creamy. 

Suitable Bathroom Styles

Are you interested in creating an antique or classic vibe? Colonial white is the perfect color for you. But if you need a color for a minimalist or modern design, go for cotton white. 

Compatibility with other Colors

Cotton white goes well with many different color schemes because of having no undertones. Comparatively, colonial white matches warmer tones better. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Colonial white is used to create a warm, welcoming, and cozy atmosphere. In contrast, cotton white makes bathrooms look more spacious, sleek, and clean. 

Maintenance Requirements

Since both colors are shades of white, they require regular maintenance. However, cotton white typically needs more frequent cleaning due to its cleaner appearance. 


Cotton white is a brighter shade hence it gets stained easily. So if your bathroom is more frequently used or has high-traffic, you should go for colonial white that can resist stain formation to some extent. 


Both cotton white and colonial white are popular shades of Toto products. But cotton white is comparatively more readily available due to its high demand. If you want colonial white, you may need to place a social order in some cases. 

Compatibility with Products of other Manufacturers

If you want to pair Toto products with products of any other brand, you should pick colors that have the closest possible shades.

Toto cotton white is similar to Kohler’s simple white, which is a pure shade of white, while Toto colonial white is similar to the American standard white, which looks like an off-white shade. So, it is crucial to understand the basic color pallet and the undertones of Toto and others to make a wiser choice. 

Selecting the Right Toilet Color

Can’t choose one color between colonial white and cotton white due to their close resemblance? Consider the following factors when selecting one color between these two to make an informed decision. 

  • Bathroom style: What is the current design of your bathroom? Or what style you want to create? Find answers to these questions, and then pick a color that suits your chosen style.
  • Bathroom size: Want to make your small bathroom look spacious? Use cotton white as its reflecting power can help you achieve that goal. Colonial white would be a better choice for your bathroom if it is large and you want to give it an inviting feel. 
  • Ambiance goal: Go for cotton white to create a fresh, bright, and spa-like vibe. Similarly, pick colonial white if you are aiming for a warmer and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Lighting: Both colors produce different effects in different lighting conditions. Cotton white can make a dull space look bright while colonial white can make it look comfortable. 
  • Personal taste: Your personal preference is as important as any other factor. You should pick a color that matches your vibe and likes. It should make you feel at home.  
  • Existing bathroom décor: Another important factor that you must consider is color of your existing bathroom fixtures and decoration items. Choose a Toto product that does not look out of place when placed among other items. 
  • Maintenance preferences: Are you okay with cleaning your bathroom more frequently in order to maintain its pristine appearance? If yes, then choose cotton white. Otherwise, pick colonial white that does not require as much maintenance. 
  • Long-term usefulness: Pick a color that goes well with different bathroom designs. This way, if you plan to change your bathroom style sometime in the future, you will not have to worry about changing bathroom fixtures because of their non-matching colors.

Conclusion – Toto colonial white vs cotton white

Although Toto colonial white and cotton white are shades of the same color, they show different properties. Cotton white is a pure shade of white while colonial white is a creamy shade. The former is used to make a space feel fresh and clean while the latter is picked to add a vintage touch to it. 

When choosing between these colors, you should consider your personal preferences, bathroom style, lighting condition and other factors mentioned above. Make sure you also weigh their pros and cons to pick a better option. 

Hope this Toto colonial white vs cotton white guide will help you pick the perfect shade for your bathroom that enhances its beauty multiple times!

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