Drywall is a common material in modern construction. But, you must know that not all drywall is created equal. Some drywall options are thicker than others.

The different sizes and thickness of these walls make them diverse, and each type has its unique features. Your choice among the huge variation of drywall on the market depends on your requirements. One choice is the 5/8 drywall.

So, if you are building a new home or planning a large renovation, you may want to consider 5/8 drywall. You will enjoy its countless features and benefits. Above all, you can use it in residential or commercial space. Let’ explore what makes it so amazing and useful.

What is 5/8 Drywall?

Workers inspecting 5/8 Drywall.
Workers inspecting 5/8 Drywall.

5/8 drywall is nothing special. It is the variant of drywall that is 5/8 inches thickness. Normally, drywall comes in ½, ¼, 3/8 and 5/8 inches. They all differ on the basis of their thickness. When the thickness varies, their features also vary.

For instance, it will be wrong to imagine that strength of ½ and 5/8 drywall is same. ½ inches drywall is thin and can bear less. On the other hand, 5/8 drywall is the thickest among all and has all the features that any drywall can have.

Features and Benefits

There are countless features and benefits of the 5/8 option but the most common are:

High quality material

One of the main things to consider when selecting drywall for any project is their material. You cannot use drywall made of poor material that fails to give required safety. But drywall is not like that. These walls are made of finely ground Gypsum that is sandwiched between the layer of paper and fiberglass. This unique manufacturing gives the wall additional features like a smooth finish and no cracks. As there are no holes, insects find no way to start infestation. So, your walls remain safe from termites or other pests.


The 5/8 drywall option is the heaviest among all. The gypsum, paper or fiberglass combines to give heavy weight walls. Just like the thickness of all drywall, their weights also vary. Thick walls are heavier in weight. So, when you compare the 5/8 option with the other variants, it becomes easy to understand that it is heavier among all.

Fire resistance

The 5/8 drywall option has quite good fire resistance qualities. It can save your properties from fire hazards. In fact, it proves to be a life saver in commercial settings.

If you do not know how to check the fire resistance power of any wall then simply check its fire resistance rating. This rating varies depending on the material. You will also find different values in the same materials. For instance, 5/8 drywall has around 1 to 3 hours of resistance. This value is different for other drywall variants.

Soundproofing capability

Another huge benefit of 5/8 drywall is its soundproofing quality. It works as an insulation and absorbs sound to a greater extent.

5/8 Drywall Uses

Workers installing 5/8 Drywall.
Workers installing 5/8 Drywall.

If you are fond of drywall and have no clue where to use it then don’t go anywhere without reading all its diverse uses:

1. Interior walls

Using the 5/8 option in the interior walls is the best approach. If your house is near a busy road and you are fed up of the horns or sounds of vehicles then this drywall can save you. Similarly, You can install it in your room as a separation.

Just recall the above mentioned benefits of these walls. That being said, 5/8 has the capability to reduce sound. This means you can use these walls to get rid of disturbing sounds of your neighbors (if they are disturbing). Just make sure you have your drill handy. You can Purchase Our Drill Here.

Otherwise it is a pretty good option to maintain the privacy of your house. It will not let your voices cross the building.  

At the same time, you must appreciate the ease handling these walls. You can easily paint and match with the theme of your house.

2. Ceilings

Ceilings are high above our heads so they need to be durable, sturdy, and robust. Luckily, you can find all these qualities in the 5/8 option.

So, mark it as the best ceiling material for your house. It has great structural integrity. This is particularly useful in commercial settings or high traffic areas where hundreds or thousands of people gather under one roof.

Similarly, don’t underestimate the smooth finishing of the 5/8 option. The extra thickness of the wall helps eliminate imperfections. As a result, you get a smooth surface that is perfect for decorative treatments. You can have intricate painting or crown molding on these walls to add more value. 

3. Attics and basements

You can also use the 5/8 option in the attics and basements. These places are often less attended to and have most of our belongings. So, we cannot ignore them. Plus, these areas are often hard to keep at a comfortable temperature. This drywall gives this additional benefit.

This drywall option maintains a consistent indoor temperature. So, you can say, 5/8 can cut off (up to some extent) your electricity bills that are spent on other heating elements.

4. Garages and workshops

If you are unsure about the walls or architectural structures of your garage then don’t look any further. The 5/8 option proves best for garages and workshops. Most garages have flammable materials like gasoline. Such materials also make these spaces high risk areas. The flammable materials can easily catch fire and turn your day to a disaster.

So, the best practice is to plan things ahead. This drywall not only saves your property from a fire hazard but also gives satisfaction that people around your area are also safe.

The same is the case with workshops. These places have a proper workforce and you cannot take any risk by neglecting such things.

It will be great to install this drywall for maximum safety. If cost is the concern, then at least have walls of this fire resistant material. Your workers will appreciate it!

5. Utility and laundry rooms

Utility rooms have a lot of moisture. You need to install walls that are waterproof and can save the items placed over there. In this context, you cannot find any better option than 5/8 drywall. These walls have exceptional qualities to retain moisture.

Residential and commercial areas

In both residential and commercial settings, there are areas that experience more footfall and general wear and tear. Think of hallways in homes or corridors in office buildings. The structural integrity of 5/8-inch drywall makes it ideal for these high-traffic zones, ensuring that the walls can withstand the daily hustle and bustle.

6. Rental homes

Have you ever been on vacation and found the rental place to look like a dream? Most of the rental homes now have these drywall placements. This drywall makes the maintenance easy where different people from different areas visit.

So, if you are a rental owner and always find it hard to get easy to maintain walls then stick to the 5/8 option. It will not only increase the interest of people but also increase value of your property. As people now a days are well informed and prefer safety. These fire resistant walls will fulfill their demand.

1. Office buildings

If your office walls look old and have no functionality then think about the 5/8 option. These walls give multiple options to use in the office. For instance, you can easily cut these panels in any shape to use at different places. Make an office shelf out of it or simply use in the background. The 5/8 option works well. Similarly, office staff needs space to display projects, plans or their achievements. These wall make it possible and they can hang boards or charts with no difficulty.

Your clients will also get impressed and find your office welcoming.

7. Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes are also high traffic area. These places need to look clean, well defined and sturdy at the same time. 5/8 options are thick and robust with the clean appearance. So, you can call them perfect material for your café.

Decorative elements on the walls will give an extra boost to your place that look perfect in front of drywalls. So, count 5/8 drywalls the best walls for commercial and residential places. They will pay you back.

Is this drywall expensive?

The 5/8 option is not expensive at all. The price of these walls varies depending on various factors like the region or time you buy.

On average, these walls may cost you 10 to 30$ per sheet. So, if you plan makeover of a room then it will be less. But the price of more sheets of a big house will be far more.

So, it is more dependent on your need or preference. Otherwise this drywall is worth the value. 


5/8 drywall is a great choice for homeowners looking for durable wall material without breaking their bank. So, if you are also one of them, make this drywall your first choice. Your space will not only be safe from fire hazards, but also gives a sense of calmness with its soundproofing feature. You can install this drywall easily and match it with the entire outlook of your house. So, don’t wait more to give your space an entirely new look with more safety and functionality.

If you do not feel comfortable installing drywall yourself, we advise you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!