Having an encounter with a snake is a scary thing to think about. It sends shivers in my body just thinking about it. Unfortunately, encounters with snakes happen often. Most of the time, people see snakes in their own yard. This is because of snake holes in yard. Because it is very possible for the average person to encounter a snake, it is imperative to know how to avoid an encounter at any cost.

We know you never want to experience this. So, we are going to tell you how to prevent this situation.

Our experts will discuss snake holes in yard and how to take preventive measures to avoid them from forming.

What are Snake Holes in Yard?

Snake Hole in Backyard
Snake Hole in Backyard

Snake holes in yard are circular shaped. The size of these holes varies from snake to snake. Some will be larger in diameter and some will be less.

Snakes mostly borrow the holes of other animals and insects. They live in the burrows of rodents, reptiles, and other large insects. Then, the snake widens it according to its size.

Mostly, the snake holes are three to four inches wide. They can be larger than this as well. But, if the hole is smaller than this diameter, it must be the home of insects and rodents.

Moreover, if you see trails near the hole, it means that the hole is of a snake. Other mammals leave footprints behind but snakes leave trails on soft soil. So, it is another method to tell if the hole is of snake or not.

You can find snake holes in yard in the grass, in the cracks of your concrete foundation, in the tree’s trunk, near ponds or lakes, under the rock, or near the woodpiles.

There are different species of snakes and each species makes different types of holes. Some species, such as gopher snakes, make holes in the ground. Some like copperheads make burrows under rocks or in the tree’s trunk.

The diameter of the hole can also help you in determining what type of snake is in your yard. Also, the food can help you in determining the type of snake. Because different species of snake have different types of food. So, you should also think about what type of food they will be getting from your yard.

You should know the species of the snake, and all the information regarding them. So that, you can know how to prevent them from coming into your yard.

How to Prevent Snakes Coming into Your Yard?

Man Filing Snake Holes in BackYard With Shovel
Man Filing Snake Holes in BackYard With Shovel

There are various ways through which you can prevent serpents from coming into your house and making snake holes in yard.

1. Keep Your Grass Short

Long grass and weeds attract serpents so they will come into your yard. They can easily make holes in the grass so that they remain concealed in it.

So, you need to regularly trim your grass and keep your yard clean. Clean and short grass will not only give an appealing look to your yard but will also keep snakes away from it. So, either hire a professional to trim grass or make your habit of mowing your yard regularly to prevent snake holes in yard.

2. Remove all the Food Sources

Snakes come and reside in your yard because they get food from it. They love you because you become an ideal host for them.

So, you need to step out from the role of host by removing all the food sources around your yard. You need to get rid of rodents, reptiles, and other insects on which snakes prey.

To get rid of them, you should focus on ending their food sources and hiding places. So, we suggest you keep your pet food sealed in the boxes. Because rodents are attracted to it.

If there is any crawl-up space or garage where you have put numerous boxes, then make sure to check that place regularly. Rodents and reptiles come into such areas for hiding. So, cleaning and checking it regularly will prevent rodents and reptiles on your property.

If you don’t remove the food sources, snakes will keep coming into your yard. And, you will keep seeing different snake holes around your property.

3. Set up a Snake Fence

You can set up a snake fence around your property. This fence will ensure that no snake can enter your property. So, if they do not enter it, there will be no snake holes in yard.

There are different types of snake fences that you can look into. So, you can select the one which suits your property.

You need to do a complete research before selecting the one. After installing it, you should regularly check the fence for any signs of holes or damage.

If there will be any damage, then you should promptly repair it. Because snakes can enter your yard through it.

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4. Keep your Yard Clean

You need to keep your yard clean so that no serpent holes are in it. You should make sure that there are no piles of debris, leaves, and wood piles in your yard.

Because snakes can hide in those piles and make a hole among them. If a pile remains in your yard for a long, you surely will snake holes in yard. So, clean up the debris regularly. If you have big bushes or trees, make sure you buy our Electric Chainsaw to make them more manageable.

You should also make sure not to over-water your grass. Otherwise, your grass will remain wet and water will keep standing in your yard. The standing water is also appealing to the serpents. So, you surely will see snake holes in yard if you keep water in that place.

5. Plant Natural Snake Repellents

There are some plants and kitchen products that act as a natural snake repellent. You can use repellents if a snake is present in your yard, or also as a preventive measure to keep them away from your property.

So, we are going to discuss a few natural snake repellents.

The snake-repellent plants are Lemongrass, Marigolds, and Mother-in-law’s tongue.

Marigolds have a strong smell that can keep rodents and snakes away from your property. Snakes resent it so they will want to remain away from it.

Similarly, Lemongrass has citronella oil. This oil has a citrus smell which keeps the snake away from your yard. Its oil is available to buy too. So, you can plant the Lemongrass or can buy its oil from the market.

Mother-in-law’s tongue has sharp leaves that keep the snake from coming into the yard.

Moreover, you should also plant onions and garlic in your yard. Their pungent smell can deter snakes, and they will not want to come into your yard. This is one of the best natural ways to prevent snake holes in yard.

There are some oils too which you can sprinkle in your yard as a preventive measure. These oils are clove oil, cinnamon oil, and cedar oil.

You can mix clove and cinnamon oil. Then, sprinkle them in the entry points of your yard. If these oils are not present, you can go for cedar oil. Its woody scent can also keep serpents away from your property.

Moreover, you can sprinkle the mixture of vinegar and water in your yard. It will also help prevent snake holes in yard.

If these options are not available for you, you can go for sulfur powder. Snakes are sensitive to it so sprinkling it around your yard can be helpful.

6. Ending their Hiding Places

There are different hiding places for snakes where they can take shelter. These can be coiled houses, basements, utility rooms, crawl places, attics, pavilions in yards, and open places in the garage where they can hide.

If you have a shed or outbuilding, you should make sure that there are no insects or rodents. There shouldn’t be any boxes in these open areas.

This is because food sources can attract snakes to these shelters. And if there are any boxes, they can hide in them without any difficulty. Once your yard is seen as a viable home, you will eventually start to see snake holes in yard.

So, you need to inspect that place now and then.

7. Seal the Gaps in Concrete and Foundations

Different gaps and cracks in the wall, concrete, and foundation can be ideal place for snakes to hide.

The gaps in concrete also attract other insects such as ants and reptiles. So ultimately, snakes will also come into your place. They can easily hide in the gaps and can make snake holes in yard.

You can see different snakes around your property if there are any gaps or cracks. So, you need to seal them as soon as possible.

8. Trim Vegetation

Just like grass, overgrown shrubs or bushes around your home can also attract snakes. This ultimately leads to snake holes in yard. They can hide in there so it acts as a shelter for serpents.

So, you need to care for the bushes and any type of overgrown vegetation around your place. Trim them to prevent snakes from coming into your area.

9. Educate Yourself

You need to educate yourself about the different types of snakes in your area. Every area can have different species of snakes. These snakes can have different habitats or prey preferences.

So, you should know which species are in your area, and which preventive measures you should take to avoid them. If there is any special preventive measure, then you will know about it through your research.

10. Consult Professionals

Let’s suppose you have taken all these preventive measures, and still you see snake holes in yard. Now, what should you do?

Well, in this situation, we suggest you consult any professional. You can contact the local wildlife authorities or any pest control expert for advice and assistance. You can Find a Pro Here!

They may examine your property to find out the issue and tell you ways of getting rid of snake holes in yard.

Final Words

This is the whole information guide about snake holes in yard, and the preventive measures you should take to keep yourself safe. We hope that you follow these steps to avoid encounters with snakes. If you live in an area prone to snakes, please follow the advice above.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!