Have you seen cockroaches sitting on walls? How about roaches running on floor and flying in front of you? It is very distressful. Cockroaches are common household pests. Whatever area of world you’re living in, this problem can occur.

As scavenging insects, roaches are closely associated with humans. We unintentionally provide water, shelter and food to these insects. As prolific breeders, roaches cause huge issues in homes and workplaces. Roaches need dark, cool, and damp places to thrive. In Texas, the heat offers the desired setting. If your home has feces and egg capsules, it means there might be cockroaches there. So, what should be your next step? Finding their type, dangers they bring, and how to prevent them. So, keep reading to know more about Roaches in Texas.

Why are there so many Roaches in Texas?

Multiple Cockroaches on a Kitchen Floor
Multiple Cockroaches on a Kitchen Floor

Like anywhere else in the world, Roaches are common pests throughout Texas. Texas’s warm climate is perfect for cockroach breeding. That’s why cockroach infestations happen to Texas homeowners. Below, you will find more reasons why Texas is a common place for roach infestations.

Predators of Roaches

Reptiles feed off roaches. Although they are responsible for lowering roach numbers, they also need them as a food source. Dark and damp places have both cockroaches and amphibians. And among such amphibians, toads and frogs are predators of roaches as well. However, mice and other small mammals are not usually but still eat roaches.

Favorable Seasons for Roaches

Spring and summer are two seasons where roach numbers increase the most. But it isn’t fixed, as Texans see them throughout years. Texas has mild winters that’s why the cockroach population increases in colder months.

Are Roaches in Texas Dangerous?

Man holding up a cockroach
Man holding up a Cockroach

If you see a roach infestation, take immediate steps to prevent it. They are dangerous, as they are carriers of parasites, and bacteria. Moreover, they also spread human pathogens. They actively spread salmonellosis dysentery E. coli, and gastroenteritis.

Roaches shed skin, which in addition to their feces and saliva are reasons for creating and spreading allergies. They trigger asthma attacks which mostly affects children. When it comes to property, roach infestations cause trouble for owners, tenants, and buyers.

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Why Do I Have a Roach Infestation?

Roaches can be seen in almost anywhere. So, what develops roach infestation? Any area offering water, food, and shelter to pests is a favorable place for it to live. If your home has trash cans, pet food, compost bins, and gardens; it is ideal for a roach infestation.

Dumpsters and drains are attractive for roach Infestations in commercial areas. You will also see it in outdoor eating areas. They may enter if your home has cracks in foundations, holes around windows, cracked skylights, gaps under doors, etc. Keenly check packages, used appliances/furniture, potted plants, etc as roaches may invade your home by hiding inside them.

Most common Types of Roaches in Texas

Texas has different variety of roaches. Whether indoor or outdoor, preferable environments allow roaches to live, nest, breed easily. Below are the most common types.

  • German Roaches: indoor (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room)
  • American cockroaches: in outdoor places (drains, sewers, and under mulch and debris)
  • Oriental cockroaches: in damp places (basements, crawl spaces, and sewers) hide under appliances, (behind furniture, in cracks and crevices)
  • Brown-banded cockroaches: in warm, dry places (attics, upper cabinets, in hospitals and around electronics)

Let’s discuss each type of roach in depth.

American Cockroaches

The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is also known as a waterbug or wood roach. They are the most common roaches throughout America, including Texas. At 5 inch in length, they are largest roach. They have an oval-shaped body and reddish brown color. You can see tan markings on their head’s back. These roaches have two long thin antennae and two wings. When it comes to flying, they do not fly very well. They better glide short distances to escape from predators but are not able to sustain flight for long time.

They are nocturnal and prefer to live in dark warm and humid areas. The most common spots of roaches are in kitchens and bathrooms in home. Other places are sewers and drains.

As omnivores, they can eat anything from food scraps to garbage, insects to dead animals and feces. They live up to 1 year if they can’t eaten by predators. Prevention is necessary because they spread diseases, like salmonella and dysentery.

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German cockroaches

These are the smallest in size at just 0. 13 inches. The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) is most common in Texas. As the world’s most common roach, they are tricky to exterminate. The wings are small but fully developed. However, they don’t allow the roaches to fly easily for long. Instead, they glide away in danger and are difficult to capture.

They are easy to identify because of their appearance. Their small brown bodies, two long antennae and two long cerci give a unique shape to them. German cockroaches have two dark stripes on their heads back. You can also see a light-colored band on their abdomen.

Warm, moist areas are German Cockroach favorites. Restaurants, hotels, and hospitals have developed these roach infestations. Kitchens and bathrooms are places where most of these roaches are living. You can easily find them indoors, while hiding in cardboard boxes.

As scavengers, German cockroaches can eat everything. Sugary foods and drinks are their favorite. In addition, they will also eat meat, grease, and other organic matter. The reproduction rate is high, thus can quickly become major infestation. They also spread diseases like salmonella and E. coli.

Oriental Cockroaches

The Orient cockroach (Blatta orientalis) is known as the big black beetle roach because of its size and color. They have dark, smooth bodies and non-functional wings.

These roaches can’t fly. Female ones are large in size with small wings. While the male has a narrow body and wings that cover about 75% of their abdomen. Oriental roaches are typically found in cool and damp places, like basements, sewers, and drains.

Outdoor plants and inside garbage cans are favorite places to these roaches. You can also see them in kitchens and bathrooms, as they get attracted to food and moisture. They can live in various different places, including behind walls, crawl spaces, under appliances, and in cracks and crevices.

They try to hide themselves in hot weather. These roaches are harder to find as they don’t want to come in front of you. They are omnivores, thus, love to eat starchy foods. It includes pasta bread cereal, etc. Other foods include meat and grease. When it comes to disease, they spread many like salmonella and E. coli.

Flying Cockroaches

Cockroaches fly for many reasons. It includes escaping predators, finding food and water, mating, or dispersing to new areas. However, some fly less as compared to others.

Among 4000 species of roaches that have wings, only 10% can fly. The poor fliers only use their wings in self defense. To escape threat some roaches fly while others do not. Mostly, all roaches spread disease. The fast fliers do this work easily because of increased mobility. They spread germs throughout the house.

They prefer to live in warm, moist places. Flying roaches have an attraction to light. That’s why you can see them flying towards windows and other light sources at night. They spread diseases but are not too dangerous. However they carry diseases, like salmonella and E. coli.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches

They are similar in appearance to American roaches. Their bodies are shinny and dark and have long thin legs. They are unable to fly because of weak wings. You will find Smoky brown roaches in qin trees and gutters. Moreover, they also hide themselves in outdoor lighting and mulch. They love to live in trash and pet food left behind. The moist areas like wooded areas and leaf litter are their favorite. Large and brown roaches are 1. 25 inches long. They typically live outdoors in warm, humid climates. Sugary foods and drinks mostly attract them.

Brown Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded roaches (Supella longipalpa) are small. They are only half inch long roaches. As name says, they have two lighter bands across their tan to light brownish bodies. Male roaches have fully developed wings and they can fly. Female wings have underdeveloped wings thus they can’t able to fly.They are also common roaches in Texas. These roach types comfortably live in warm, dry places like bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Remember, they prefer to live in areas over 80° F. Moreover, you can see them in your electronic equipment, like computers and televisions.

How Can I Prevent Roaches In Texas?

Cockroaches are carriers of germs and spread diseases. They are also the reason for allergies and asthma, especially affecting your children. According to pest control specialists, some prevention tips for roaches in Texas are below.

  • Are there gaps and cracks in your home base or exterior walls? If yes, seal them quickly.
  • Weather stripping is crucial around windows and doors.
  • Door sweeps prevent roach invasion. Place one on exterior doors.
  • If your window or door has torn screens, replace them.
  • If fixtures, pipes and faucets leak, replace them.
  • Does your home have higher moisture level? Dehumidifiers will help you with this.
  • Are there any compost bins or outdoor trash cans near your home? Check their locking lids and keep them away from your home.
  • If you’re bringing potted plants inside home, check them for pests first.

It’s not easy to eradicate roaches in Texas. Only preventive measures can save you from this. In addition to above ones, some more tips are below.

  • Home trash and its smell attract roaches. So, take it out on a regular basis.
  • Whether it’s storage containers or bins, use tight lids. It not only prevents odor to reach roaches but also blocks roaches to access food.
  • Some home spaces have more moisture like the kitchen, basement, bathroom, and crawl spaces. Use a dehumidifier to prevent moisture in the air.
  • Cleaning is crucial to prevent roaches. Clean your sweep, counter tops, and vacuum frequently. This blocks a food supply.
  • Does your home have unused cardboard? Maybe roaches are hiding there. So, recycling them is best solution. It not only prevents roaches but also eco friendly.

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Home Remedies To Avoid Roaches In Texas

Let’s discuss some tips for using home remedies to avoid roaches:

  1. You can place Bay leaves in drawers, cabinets and other areas where you have seen roaches. It keeps roaches away as they don’t like bay leaves smell.
  2. Mix water with few drops of peppermint oil in spray bottle. Spray the whole mixture around your home, especially where you find roaches. It is a natural roach repellent.
  3. Another effective method is to mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture all around the home, especially where you find roaches. Vinegar repels roaches and can also kill them


Roaches in Texas are a common issue many residents face. This is mostly because roaches love warm moist areas. The important thing to know is that roaches have many different types and all are dangerous. So, preventing them is crucial. We hope that our article will help you in understanding why this is such a common problem and preventing an infestation.

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