The Gevalia coffee maker is a kitchen partner for homemakers to quickly make coffee. It gives you as many cups of coffee as you want in no time keeping the taste and flavor to your desire. You don’t need to pour cups of water and spend a whole day with mixing. Gevalia does it all (and many other things) for you.

If you too are a coffee enthusiast and want to buy a Gevalia coffee maker then this buying guide is for you. Here you will learn about the range of models and designs, availability of sizes so you can choose as per your needs, advanced coffee making technologies, and longevity of the coffee maker. This guide will also educate about whether it is complicated or easy to use, and maintain. Lastly, there is an estimated price range of the Gevalia coffee maker to help you make a smooth purchase. So, let’s start together!

Gevalia Coffee Maker – Everything you need to know

Gevalia is a well-known coffee beans brand known for its taste and quality. Now the brand has made coffee making even easier with Gevalia coffee makers.

Here are some key things you must consider before purchasing a Gevalia coffee maker to make sure the machine fulfills all your coffee making requirements.

Range of Designs and Models

Multiple Gevalia Coffee Maker products on a table
Multiple Gevalia Coffee Maker

Like other kitchen appliances, Gavelia coffee makers come in different styles, designs and models. These coffee makers have a Swedish design influence that is visible in their clean lines and sleek appearance. Gevalia coffee machines are also a blend of modern aesthetics and functionality. You get a minimalist appearance with emphasis on the efficiency. In fact, you can easily place it near your small stove for a quick job.

There is a variety of materials and colors in these coffee makers. Some models are completely plastic built while others are stainless steel. You can also find designs with glass combinations. Plus the colors could be black, or white. 

Size and Capacity

Coffee makers are mostly used in homes and offices where friends and family members impatiently wait for a mug of coffee. Keeping this aspect in mind is important while buying a coffee maker. So consider size and coffee making capacity of the machine for best experience.

Gevalia coffee makers have quite an accommodating capacity and offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution. You can find single-serve machines for the on-the-go individual to large models. Small sized coffee makers suit well for small kitchens, studio apartments, dorm rooms or offices where space is a concern. Large multi-cup machines are best for spacious kitchen settings or office pantries where more coffee is consumed. You can have as many as 12 cups in Gevalia coffee maker.

Similarly, there are also automatic coffee makers for two persons that are best for travel buddies.

User-friendly Interface

man making coffee using Gevalia Coffee Maker
Gevalia Coffee Maker

Coffee makers need to be highly user-friendly as no one has time to technically play with the machine with hectic routines. Gevalia is quite focused in making easy-to use coffee makers. There are clear LED displays, easy-to-use buttons and intuitive interfaces that make brewing process straightforward for everyone. Even homeowners who are not tech-savvy can easily make coffee. 

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Programmable Settings

Not all coffee makers are built the same – some have programmable settings to save your time. Gevalia coffee makers are one of those and you can count it as a plus in your purchase.

This feature allows you set a specific time for your coffee maker to start brewing. For instance you can program it at night to start brewing just before you wake up in the morning. Programmable Gevalia coffee makers need the clock to be set in order to begin auto-brew function at a specific time. This is just a matter of minutes to set the time and you will have coffee ready before leaving.

Just make sure the AM/PM indicators are correctly set on the machine so you don’t wake up to an empty pot or are awakened in the night by aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. That will be a surprise for sure!

Additional Features

Like any other coffee maker brand, Gevalia has some additional features for your ease. These features aid in making coffee smoothly and keep it fresh for longer. So, here are these: 

  • Thermal carafe

Thermal carafe is a type of insulated container designed to keep the coffee hot and has a lid that seals tightly to prevent heat from escaping. It is like a double walled container with a vacuum or insulating layer between outer and inner walls. This vacuum helps to minimize hat transfer and keeps your coffee hot for longer.

So, your coffee can stay hot and fresh with the same aroma in a Gevalia coffee maker.

  • Drip stop

Another amazing feature of the Gevalia coffee maker is its drip stop function that is connected to the thermal carafe. The Gevalia machine automatically stops brewing when you remove carafe and resume once you return it.

This feature helps pour your coffee without waiting for the machine to finish brewing all the cups.

  • Strength control

If you are fond of strong coffee then it does not mean your guests have the same taste. Everybody has its taste and preference so a Gevalia coffee maker gives ease to control strength of the coffee. You can adjust the brewing time, the amount of water used to adjusting the strength and flavor of your guests coffee. So, there will be no better option to host your guests with Gevalia coffee.

  • Water filters

Some models of the Gevalia coffee maker come with built in water filter. These filters purify water and keep the natural coffee taste intact.

Energy Efficient

Your first concern when buying any electronic appliance is to get an energy efficient device. Fortunately, Gevalia coffee makers are energy efficient and cut off your electricity bills. These machines automatically turn off after a certain period of inactivity.

This automatic shut off feature gives two benefits. First, saves power consumption and second, prevents potential hazards. So, you get all with this coffee maker.


Gevalia, as a brand is known for its commitment to sustainability and this commitment extends to their coffee makers. The body of its machines are of high quality with no risk of cracks or scratches. So, you can call it one time investment for many years to come. Just keep sipping!


Price is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a Gevalia coffee maker (or any other appliance). Gevalia machine makers ensure that coffee enthusiasts from various economic backgrounds can access quality brewing at home.

Still, it is important to remember quality comes with the price. You need to pay more to enjoy extra features. That’s simple!

You can find entry-level, mid-range and premium machines in the Gevalia coffee maker range. Low budget machines are basic in design and features focusing on the main function of brewing. While mid range machines are in the middle of Gevalia’s pricing spectrum. You can enjoy additional features like programmable settings, strength control and some more. On the other hand, premium Gevalia coffee makers give every feature from brewing to the water filters.

So, predicting exact price of the coffee maker is hard. But you can get one in the price range of $50 to $150.

Do you need to Consider Cleaning of Gevalia Coffee Maker?

Cleaning any coffee maker is important for its shelf life. You need to consider this aspect too when buying a coffee maker and make sure it is easy to clean.

Gevalia is not only the best in making coffee but also provides easy of cleaning to its users. Proper maintenance is divided into two sections – daily cleaning and periodic deep cleaning.

Here is how you can properly clean and maintain your coffee maker:

  • Daily routine cleaning

Once your coffee has been brewed, just make sure you remove and discard leftover grounds. Rinse the coffee pot with water. Carafe or coffee pot will develop stains or gradual build up can influence your coffee’s taste. Similarly, you can wash removable components if your machine is used frequently. 

  • Periodic deep cleaning

Deep cleaning of the coffee maker keeps the machine safe in the long run. For instance, calcification can result from minerals present in tap water. This buildup can affect normal functioning of your coffee maker and even ruin the taste of your coffee. So, descaling is the best option. You can do it every few months with home remedies or commercial solutions available in the market.

After descaling, run the machine with plain water to flush out any cleaning solution. It will also help get rid of coffee ground residues stuck in the machine. 

Similarly, don’t forget to clean the water filter if you purchase this coffee machine.

Conclusion – Gevalia Coffee Maker

Choosing the right coffee maker is crucial to ensuring that you start each day with the perfect cup of coffee. While the Gevalia brand promises quality and performance, each machine is designed to cater to different needs and preferences. By considering the factors outlined in this guide, you can ensure that you select the best Gevalia coffee maker suited for you.

So, make a wiser decision and choose the best model of Gevalia coffee machine that suits your budget and daily coffee requirements. You will find it the best investment so far.

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Happy brewing!