If you are living in a house that was built before the 1980s, then your drain pipes must be made of cast iron. In modern homes, these pipes are made of plastic but older people prefer cast iron. It was because this material is the toughest. But, just like every other type of material, it also requires care, maintenance, and cleanliness. Otherwise, you will run into the problem of your cast iron drain pipe clogged. This is mainly because of built up rust which eventually blocks the pipes. Unfortunately, this can cos you a fortune to replace the pipe.

But, we have some good news. The expert team here at Wrecked Home knows the solution. We are available online here to help you in repairing your home. We are ISCET-licensed professionals and have passed the National Appliances Services Technician Certification Exam.  In this article, we are going to be discussing the following issue: cast iron drain pipe clogged. We will be explaining 8 effective methods to help you unclog your cast iron pipes. So, we suggest you read this article until the end so that you are not left with a hefty replacement bill.

Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged? 4 Reasons Why

You should know the reasons why cast iron pipes are more prone to rusting and blockage than other types of pipes.

  1. Textured Surface

Cast iron drain pipe clogged? It could be the surface. Cast iron is prone to rusting because of its rough or textured surface. It is the perfect place for bacteria and debris to grow.

Moreover, the drain pipes always remain moist which can cause rust on their textured surface.

  1. Large Trees

Another reason why you may be experiencing cast iron drain pipes clogged is trees. Cast iron pipes are mostly in the old homes, and these homes mostly have large trees. These large trees have long roots that can reach your drain pipes. These roots can be so strong that they can penetrate your pipes and can cause blockage and rust.

  1. Waste Sitting in Pipes

One of the most common reasons for cast iron drain pipe clogged is waste. A lot of modern homes have low-flow toilets that save money on water. It means that insufficient water is used to push away the waste in the pipe. So, when waste remains in cast iron pipes for a long time, it can cause rust and blockage.

  1. Bellies” are in Pipe

“Bellies” are dips that can reduce the amount of space for water to flow from it. This happens because cast iron is inflexible, so excessive draining or soil disturbance can lead to compromised seal joints. This cannot be treated and you need to replace the damaged piece of pipe with the new one.

Now, you know the main reasons for the following issue: cast iron drain pipe clogged. Fortunately for you, there are symptoms that will let you know if your pipe is rusting. Look at those symptoms below. 

Symptoms- Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged

We are going to discuss a few major symptoms that causes the following problem: Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged.

  • You will smell different foul odors similar to sewage in your house.
  • A large number of insects such as flies and cockroaches will be in the house.
  • A large number of rodents will be at your place.
  • Slow draining of water tells that there is rust and corrosion in your pipe.
  • Mold will be present on your walls and floor.
  • Increased growth of green grass is another sign that plants love sewage.
  • There will be cracks in your foundation.
  • A leaking pipe can develop pools of sewage under your driveway and lawn. This will appear as indentations.
  • Yellowish or brownish water will start coming from the tap. It indicates that your pipe is corroding.
  • If you see puddles of sewage on your property, it indicates pipe leaking.

These are some symptoms that can tell you that your pipe is blocking and having rust. Now, we are going to discuss how to solve this issue.

Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged? 8 Ways to Fix

Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged? 8 Ways to Unclog

Your issue is as follows: Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged. We are going to discuss eight different ways of dealing with this issue.

  1. Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a clean and natural method but it is also an expensive one. In it, a special nozzle is used which takes out high water pressure and cleans debris, leaves, and roots. 

The experts will use a CCTV camera to find the source of the blockage in your pipe. Then, they will take the nozzle to that point and will use high water pressure to clean out that point. Afterward, they will again use CCTV cameras to ensure that the pipe is cleaned. 

You can use this method when the pipe’s structural integrity is intact. If not, then avoid it. 

  1. Picote Cleaning

Picote cleaning is another expensive but safe method to unclog the rusted cast iron pipe. In it, in place of water, high-pressure air is used. That air revolves in the pipe in the form of a cyclone that will resolve the clog in the pipe.

The cyclone remains in the space of the pipe and doesn’t reach the edges. It means that it will not destroy any part of your pipe.

  1. Pipe Bursting

You can use this method when your cast iron pipe has no structural integrity. Moreover, it works for straight pipes only.

Now, what you have to do is to perform a CCTV inspection to know the condition of your pipe. Afterward, find two access points of one pipe. 

Then, attach your new High-Density Polyethylene pipe (HDPE) to a winch with a cone-shaped bursting head. Pull it through your old pipe.

Now, the cast iron pipe is broken and a new pipe is in its place. In the end, perform another CCTV inspection to know everything is okay.

  1. Sodium Hydroxide

You can use sodium hydroxide to unclog your pipe. It’s aggressive and acidic and can treat clogs that have hair in them. Just pour a small quantity of it in your pipe and it will work.

But, there is a negative point to it too. This can damage the edges of your pipe too. So, use it only in emergencies.

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Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged
  1. Use Drain Cleaner

Just like the sodium hydroxide method, you can use a cleaner to treat clogged cast iron pipes in emergencies. It is because cast iron doesn’t work well with aggressive drain cleaners. So, you can’t use any of the drain cleaners you have at home.

Different manufacturers recommend less aggressive cleaners such as Liquid-Plumrs to treat the clogged cast iron pipes. So, you should also use only these cleaners.

  1. Cable Cleaning

Cable cleaning is also a popular method that you can use for clogged rusted cast iron pipe. 

For it, you have to pass hot water through the pipe to soften the clog. Then, move a cable (also known as a drain snake) in the clogged pipe. Spun on a drill to break the clog. 

In the end, use Bio-Clean to keep the insides of the pipe safe.

  1. Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

In this method, you will create a new pipe in your old one. You can do it when your cast iron pipe is rusted and declining. For it, first, do a CCTV inspection to see what’s going on in the pipe. If its structural integrity is intact, we can add a new pipe to it.

What you have to do is to take two endpoints of a pipe. Hydrojet the pipe to clear out all debris. Feed in a felt liner (a special, epoxy-impregnated liner) and insert it in the pipe. A bladder is inside the liner that will push the epoxy against the wall. 

When the epoxy is fixed, you will take out the bladder. And boomYourur new pipe is present in your old one. 

  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

You can use a home remedy to treat your clogged cast iron pipe. For this process, follow the steps.

  • Mix baking soda with warm water.
  • Pour it into the pipe and wait for some moments.
  •  Then, add the vinegar in it. You will see bubbles forming in the pipe. This method is useful for treating loose clogs.

These are the methods to unclog your cast iron pipes. But, you should also take some preventive measures to keep this situation away. So, we are going to discuss a few preventive measures now.

Preventive Measures- Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged

We are going to discuss five preventive measures that will keep your cast iron pipe in good shape and avoid clogging it.

  • Avoid putting grease or cooking oil down the pipe when they are hot. Because they will cool down mid-way and will cause a clog in the pipe.
  • Always brush your hair before going into the bath. This will prevent weak hair from falling during the bath. These hairs can go into the pipe and can cause a clog.
  • Make sure to drain down only those items that are dissolved.
  • Avoid draining feminine care products down the pipe.
  • Use only those toilet papers that are dissolved.

Conclusion- Cast Iron Drain Pipe Clogged

In short, you can unclog your cast iron pipes with some DIY methods or need an expert’s help for serious issues. 

We recommend you remember the preventive measures and look for the signs of clogged pipes. Take action as soon as possible to avoid massive issues.

We hope this article has enhanced your information and helped you in treating clogged cast iron pipes. 

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