Children love to steer go-karts. These small and simple vehicles motivate them for future driving. However, many parents are too busy to take their kids on this spectacular adventure. Also, transporting go-karts to the park and back to the home is always challenging.

Do you have extra space in your backyard? I guess it’s a yes. Utilize it and build a backyard go kart track there. Not just your kids will love it, but it can be a great investment to make money. Though the process is a bit tricky and requires much effort, your little racing enthusiasts will love it.

Building the racing track would not be easy on your pockets. Buying the go-karts, the safety apparatus, and track equipment is a hefty expenditure. However, those who already have the racing vehicles, must not hesitate from this expense.

Requirements Needed To Build A Backyard Go Kart Track

Backyard Go Kart Track.
Backyard Go Kart Track.

Backyard tracks have gained much fame in the past few years. Many experts are now taking contracts to design these race tracks.

As a homeowner, you might want to execute it as a DIY project. However, building a backyard go kart track is an expensive procedure. Also, it requires professional assistance to achieve precision and safety. Check out some of the prominent requirements of this plan.

Build A backyard Go Kart Track With An Expert

Building a backyard go-kart track isn’t a DIY technique. You will need to hire a track-building expert. The specialist will take care of every minor detail and will create a safer platform. Believe it or not! Many companies are now dedicated to the construction of these particular tracks.

A professional contractor will analyze certain features of your backyard. The shape and size of your land will decide the final plan. Oval and figure eight are the most popular backyard track styles. You will not be able to build this track yourself. You will need to hire out. Find A Pro Near You Here!

Ample Space

Not every backyard is suitable for a backyard go kart track You will need substantial space with the perfect size and shape to execute this plan.

Besides the track, you will need to build a pit area, parking, and a small seating portion for the viewers. In addition, the land must be flat with suitable soil conditions. It’s better to hire a contractor and discuss the layout.

Suitable Soil

Backyard Go Kart Track.
Backyard Go Kart Track.

An efficient backyard go kart track construction requires favorable soil. Backyards with expansive soil can give you a tough time. This type of soil expands dramatically when exposed to water. Significant expansion and contraction can collapse the track. Hence, the experts often advise excavating such mud.

Obstacle Free Land

Rocks and Stones are a common and usual part of your backyard. However, these do not favor the track construction. The minor presence of rocks may not be a big deal. These are easily scooped out with the excavating machine. But more rocks means more removal effort and additional time.

Construction Materials For Ground Work

First of all, you will need to remove the grass and rocks from your backyard. The hired expert will check the favor-ability of the topsoil. Otherwise, you will have to replace it with southern red rock dirt.

Afterward, Mark the track layout on the dirt and pour concrete or asphalt over it. Lastly, mark the borders with chalk paint and place the barricades.


Obviously the go-karts. The special vehicles come in various sizes, shapes, and price ranges according to the age groups.

As a recreational activity, you can buy go-karts according to the number of children and their ages. Regardless, rental go-karts are another budget-friendly option.


Go-karts courses are lined by certain barriers, known as barricades. These are classified into three types on the basis of their construction material. Concrete barricades and metal and plastic barricades are the most popular ones.

Concrete and metal barricades will not suit your plan. It is so because both are too heavy and require heavy machinery to move. Their jagged edges and flimsy nature can harm your kids in a crash.

Barricades are formulated to absorb the crash impact and bounce the vehicle back. Hence we recommend using plastic barricades to ensure more safety. A high-quality plastic barrier will not fall apart on a strike. In addition, it doesn’t damage the vehicle. Their ease of mobility and longer shelf life make them suitable for backyard go-kart tracks. If you have trees in your backyard, you will need an Electric Chainsaw to remove them.   


For uninterrupted go-karting, your backyard must incorporate enough lightning. It’s an important requirement for a safe and visible go-karting experience.

Incorporating some overhead sight lines will improve visibility. Moreover, some colored barricades (particularly orange and white) give drivers a better idea of the track.

Sitting Area For Viewers

A backyard go kart track isn’t complete without a sitting area. Besides kids, the racing expedition can be real fun for the whole family.

Choose suitable chairs or benches for viewers.  Try to incorporate them at a suitable distance from the barricades. A shade over the sitting area would make it more relaxing.

What is Go-Karting?

Go-karting is a popular car racing sport that involves special vehicles. Not only children, but even adults take an interest in it. Most people enjoy it as a recreational activity. Whereas experienced drivers see it as a competitive sport.

Unlike usual cars, go-karts are low to the ground. These are small and simple four-wheel vehicles. Their minimalist design and lightweight body promote safe racing.

Moreover, the kids’ go-karts operate at much less speed than the professional ones. Children can ride them easily over any adequate track. On the other hand, racing go-karts require experienced drivers, a particular track, and other specialized equipment.

Why Do You Need To Build A Backyard Go Kart Track

As a go-kart fanatic, you always keep looking for optimum tracks and a favorable environment. However, waiting for your turn in weekend crowds can be troublesome. Also, frequent rental costs also bother many of us.

A go-kart without a track is somewhat useless. Hence many people are turning their backyards into ultimate racing tracks. It may sound unusual but the execution can bring the racing thrill home. All you need to have is ample space and an adequate plan.

Enjoy Endless Go-karting With a Backyard Go Kart Track

A backyard go kart track gives you complete freedom. You can plan a race anytime with your friends and relatives. The occasion can turn into a quality family time with everlasting memories.

Develops Early Driving Skills In Children

Youngsters, especially teenagers, are always eager to drive. Hence, building the backyard go kart track is a great way to teach them some driving skills at home. In addition, it also improves hand and eye coordination and balance.

Provides A Safe & Controlled Racing Environment

Unlike public go-karting, backyard racing is safer. Parents can easily monitor their little racers and supervise their activities. It is also a great way to indulge children with their parents.

Can Make You Earn Money

Yes! A backyard go kart track can help you in making money. You can rent your go-karts and racing setup to make some cash.


Utilizing your backyard is fun and exciting with go-karting. Besides fun, you can earn some bucks by renting a ride if you own such a setup. However, the possibility of success is only when you follow the requirements needed to build a backyard go kart track.

Mark that requirements differ accordingly. First your level of expertise and others is the venue of your track. Both indoor and outdoor have their own specific needs. In the case of a backyard, a muddy surface can make drifting fun. Whereas, a concrete or poly acrylic surface gives a fast-paced ride that is equally enjoyable.

Another thing to look over is to consider the functionality of the tract. It must ensure all the racing elements for fun like overtaking ability, path-defining barricades,

and safety barriers for a safe watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a good backyard go kart track?

The more area to play around, the more exciting your backyard go kart track will be. First, plan your tract design. The course layout should balance turning points with more radius curves ahead with a long straightway path. For instance, tight turns with short escapes are not likely to interest novice riders. Secondly, set up a good tract surface with enough slopes for maximum fun. Finally, look for safe barricade options with neon colors for better pathway sight.

What size should the go-kart track be?

It is good to start over when your backyard is abundant for a minimum area of up to 20,000 sq. feet. Generally, a straightaway path should be a minimum of 600 feet long. The length could be increased to 1200 feet, depending upon your space area. Moreover, the ideal width should be at least 25 feet to provide enough room to steer smooth turns.

Does the width of your go-kart track vary?

Yes! The go-kart tracks are designed according to the available yard space. Also, the size of your go-kart ride will decide this aspect.

First, you need to calculate the wheelbase of your ride. Next, plan track width according to the wheelbase size. For larger wheelbase, the track radius should be greater, especially at turning points. It should be 80% of your wheel base to enjoy optimum racing experience.

Why do you need to build a go-kart track in your backyard?

The backyard tracts for go-karting tend to be smaller than the outdoor racing platforms. So, the equipment to layout your design needs to be a safe pick. Generally, plastic barricades are used for indoors. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also highly shock-resistant and unbreakable.