Short of renovation tips for basement cinder block paint ideas? Well, we have tons of the and we would love to share it with our lovely readers. The ideas we have brought to the table work effortlessly for unpainted blocks and newly painted ones. Whether you want to spark a new life in your basement or seek to give it a whole new vibe. We got you covered.

A basement is a valuable addition to any space as it not only keeps up with changing weather but also provides easy outdoor or indoor access. Mostly, the basement is consumed to store excess pantry items or the items no longer in use. But, that doesn’t mean it should be ignored altogether. It is a functional part of the home and requires equal attention.

So, it’s time you give love and attention to the overlooked spaces of your home and renovate it with high spirits with wrecked home, so that moisture doesn’t dare to reach your valued items.

The preferred material for the basement foundation is either cinder block or concrete. However, there is a rising trend for using raw cinder block due to its fine texture and minimalist visuals. Plus, after some time there is always an urge to transform it into something more refreshing. But how do you do so?

Thankfully, We have come up with 5 astonishing basement cinder block paint ideas. Try them out to transform your basement into an eye-catching and waterproof space. Also, don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on basement waterproofing.

Multi-paint colors to execute a unique cinder block wall interior

Cinder Blocks wIth multiple colors.
Cinder Blocks with multiple colors.

One even color might not be a top choice if you are looking to create something more artistic yet toned down. Multi-colors can do wonders in this regard. You can experiment with your creativity by applying multi-tone visuals over the surface. The unevenness would add depth to the design and make it more visually striking.

It would add a perfect backdrop for the whole space with assured uniqueness. Since the interior we are considering is multi-colored, there would be several paints involved. If you want to pull out the look perfectly, go for an off white hue as a primary color, then mix maroon and off-black to create blended visual with strokes. This is the most creative of our basement cinder block paint ideas.

Textured Plain White Cinder Block Interior (Basement Cinder Block paint ideas)

Simple yet modern, you can never go wrong with white, as it’s a tried and tested color. Not only do monochromes look chic but they are rather simple to create. The hit one for the basement cinder block paint ideas is the white makeover. It results in an attractive interior with no great effort involved.

What we want is a plain white color but with a visible texture. For that, the surface requires the cracks to be filled properly and two proper prior coats of masonry paint. After that, an even white coat should be applied to make the cinder block stand out.

Add a Contemporary feel with a Grey Cinder block interior

Basement Cinder Block Paint Ideas

Choosing the right hue is a crucial aspect of any renovation as it not only beautifies the space but also adds style value. Spark a new feel in your basement by adding grey-painted blocks on your basement wall. It would work as an excellent backdrop for all the furniture residing in the front of it. In our opinion, this is one of the safest of our basement cinder block paint ideas.

One of our top-list basement cinder block paint ideas is the ashy gray tone that makes the basement an interesting sight with a classy feel. The darkness offered by the Gray color would upgrade the style value. We know, greys might make the space look a bit sharp but the right lighting would take it to another level. Other than that, the darker hues look much more welcoming by creating a warm ambiance.

Extra Coziness with Beige interior for Cinder block walls (Basement Cinder Block paint ideas)

Enhance the quality of your basement area by adding colors that not only brighten up the space but also make it look even more spacious. Indeed, basement cinder block paint ideas have the power to change the entire perspective of the space.

Well, if you are a cool-toned person, we recommend going for beige-tone paint over the cinder wall to add extra coziness and peace to your basement. Beige would be an excellent choice if you are seeking to create neat visuals for your basement. A thorough coat of a soft beige color over cinder walls would compress the texture resulting in a clean and sleek visual.

Green white combination for a cinder block wall (Basement Cinder Block paint ideas) 

A plain cinder block wall would be too ordinary but, if you cover it with soothing fresh colors it would look something extraordinary. Well if I say, no other combination could be as good as green and white especially if applied over cinder block walls.

The soothing green would accentuate the overall feel of the basement by giving it a peaceful aura and naturalness. Moreover, this killer color combination makes the space look even more spacious and peaceful. There would be no need for fancy lighting as the color itself would make the space feel cozy. Check out crazy transformation ideas at wreckedhome.

The Guide To Choose The Right Color for Basement Cinder Wall Paint:

The tried and tested method to elevate the look of any space is to add color to it. However, the key to achieving perfect results resides in the intentional use of different color combinations. It’s up to you whether you make your basement a dragon’s den or a refreshing respite.

To bring your imagination into reality, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you choose the color scheme for renovating your basement area. Are you open to experimenting? Or do you want the color of the paint to be the same as other areas of your home? What sort of mood do you want to execute for your basement? What is the purpose of your basement renovation?

Before trying basement cinder block paint ideas, make sure to look out for these two things before you jumpstart your project:


If your basement comprises of nooks and crannies you must avoid dark cranky colors. In such a space, dark colors would look shady and dirty. Try to opt for light colors as it would make your basement look brighter and spacious. So, when you are looking at basement cinder block paint ideas, try to stick to the one’s that show light colors.


Lighting plays a crucial role in color choice. Like, if your basement has the reach to natural lighting you can experiment with dark colors such as purple, red, lime yellow, navy blue, etc. But

if it’s closed with no natural light you must avoid dark colors at any cost, otherwise your basement would look depressing. Choose Our Energy Efficient Stair Lights for even more lighting.

Cinder Block Painting Pros And Cons (Basement Cinder Block paint ideas)

If you are seeking basement cinder block paint ideas as your basement looks unfinished or unsightly, you might consider renovating it. But I must tell you that there are a few pros and cons involved in the transformation procedure.


  • First and foremost, you will get rid of the shabby roughness of the wall, and applying water-resistant paint over it will not only lock the moisture but make it smooth and neat.
  • The accumulated dust would be sanded off and there would be less dust and rough texture to peak through. 


  • Although the moisture would be locked inside, it is not considered a long-term solution as the evaporation wouldn’t take place and make the space even more humid.
  • The rough texture of the cinder wall might tussle with the finish, and the end look would not be a hundred percent neat and clean. 

Closing: (Basement Cinder Block paint ideas)

If you are short of basement cinder block paint ideas, the internet is full of them. But the selection of color would ultimately be on you so it’s important to make a thoughtful decision. While some ideas are easy to follow with less effort and cost involved, some ideas might be overwhelming and complex especially if you are tight on budget and looking to DIY.

The cinder block wall’s surface has a rough texture and requires special paint to look a certain way. There should be immense carefulness when it comes to the selection of the right paint choice for a cinder wall.

Frequently Asked Questions: (Basement Cinder Block paint ideas)

Dark or light, what are the ideal choices for basement colors?

While opting for a basement color, one should look for the light reach. If the basement has natural light then dark colors can be applied. But ideally, light colors are the best choice for basements as they give the illusion of a big space. A few choices you might consider are beige, gray, plain white, yellow, green, etc.

Do basement walls require special paint?

The weather condition is always changing due to which basement walls usually show a history of recurring moisture issues. That is why it is suggested to go for paints that are waterproof and offer moisture lock. 

How do you ideally paint cinder block walls?

The best way to apply paint over a cinder block wall is to prime it first. Uniform priming over the surface will make the top coat free of unwanted pores. However, you might skip this step if it is concrete or other material. If you want the best results, hire a professional. Find a Pro Near You Here!