Do you want to increase your mobile home’s aesthetics? Do you want to enhance the energy efficiency of your manufactured home?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider adding mobile home siding to your new house. Or, if it is already installed, you can consider replacing it.

If your mobile home siding is torn apart or if there are high energy bills, you should consider replacing your house’s siding.

As there are different types of materials in making mobile home steps, mobile home siding can also be made with different types of materials.

So, what are these materials? Which one is best for you? To help you find this answer, our professionals are going to discuss different types of mobile home siding with you.

Benefits of Mobile Home Siding

Multiple Mobile Home siding
Multiple Mobile Homes

There are a few benefits of installing mobile home siding. Let’s discuss a few of them.

1. Energy Efficient

Mobile home siding can keep the temperature of your home stable. It is energy efficient which avoids the overworking of your heating and cooling system. It adds an insulation aspect to your home too.

2. Good Investment

A lot of people agree that mobile home siding is in their top ten investments.

It not only reduces energy costs but also enhances the value of your home. So, you can get a huge benefit while selling your mobile home.

3. Barrier from Noise

Mobile home siding also acts as a barrier to noise. So, if you have noisy neighbors or you live in a place where the noise level is high, this installation will help you a lot. You can live in a peaceful environment with the help of it.

4. Barrier from Insects and Bacteria

Mobile home siding is also the best barrier to insects and bacteria. It doesn’t allow different insects such as snakes, mice, and other small pests to penetrate the home.

Moreover, it also prevents the moisture growth of bacteria, mold, and dust mites in your house. So, it protects your mobile home from a lot of damage.

5. Enhances Aesthetics

The mobile home siding enhances the look of your house. It will drastically change the look of the home and will give it a more aesthetic and modern look.

6. Fire and Weather Resistance

Good mobile home siding has fire resistance. It protects your home from burning down by avoiding fire spreading.

It also has a weatherproofing factor. So, the siding will save your home’s structural elements from harsh winds and weather.

So, these are the six reasons why you should consider mobile home siding. Now, let’s discuss some popular mobile home sidings.

Popular Mobile Home Siding Options

Single Container Mobile Home siding
Single Container Mobile Home

1. Vinyl Siding

It is a popular home siding option for people in America. Almost 30 percent of new homes use it. Because it is easily available, cost-effective, and highly durable.

The best thing about this siding is it has low maintenance. The colors in it are baked-in. It means that the paint in it will not chip or get scratched. So, the weather will not impact the aesthetic appeal of your siding.

You can have a custom and molded look of your vinyl siding. So, it has versatile designs and a different architectural looks. It has 350 different colors so you can have the color you want.

It has a huge weather resistance so you don’t need to worry about winds, hurricanes, and other harsh weather. It shrugs off mold, insects, rot, and weather damage easily.

Also, it is lightweight and long-lasting. These two benefits make it the best choice for mobile homes. Moreover, it is easy to install so DIY-lovers can do it without any difficulty.

There are two types of vinyl siding. One is recycled vinyl siding, and the other is virgin vinyl siding.

Recycled vinyl siding is cheaper and thinner so it will fade and warp swiftly. On the other hand, virgin vinyl siding is thicker and can last longer. So, we suggest you invest money in thicker vinyl siding.

But, it also has a few disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that it warps in extreme heat and extremely cold climates. Moreover, water penetrates it, damaging the wood inside it.

2. Wood Siding

If you are looking for a cabin-style and energy-efficient mobile home, wood siding is the best choice for you.

This mobile home siding is easy to repair, eco-friendly, less expensive, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It leaves less of a carbon footprint on the Earth as its manufacturing emits fewer pollutants.

It is customizable too so you can have it in any color and shape you want. Some common styles of it are rectangular planking, classic clapboard, shingles, and shake.

So, it enhances the aesthetic look of your mobile home. Due to this, the value of your home will also increase which will give you a monetary benefit too.

There are different types of wood that you can use for mobile home siding. Spruce, pine, and fir are inexpensive. But, insects and other animals can rot this wood siding easily.

Redwood and cedar can resist insect infestation easily but they are more expensive than other types of wood sidings.

Also, different types of wood are installed differently. Some need experts to install them and some don’t. This is a downside of this mobile home siding.

Moreover, it is not water-resistant and needs more time and energy for maintenance. We recommend you not use it in rainy weather.

3. Faux Stone

This is another popular mobile home siding. It has a stone-like appearance which gives the look of permanency to the house. Moreover, they provide huge resistance to water, insects, and fire.

A lot of people confuse faux stone with architectural stone. But, they are made from polyurethane foam, fire-retardant, and UV-resistant material. They are also lightweight so you can use them easily.

They also have a higher energy efficiency factor than other mobile home siding options. So, they can reduce your energy bills drastically.

They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, trim pieces, and corner pieces.

But, the huge disadvantage of this stone is its price. It is an expensive choice so a lot of people don’t use them on all parts of their mobile home.

They use it as an accent on selected places of their homes. These places can be the entryway, or around the door.

4. Fiber Cement Siding

This mobile home siding comes in different forms and sizes. People love this mobile home siding because it is cost-effective and can endure harsh weather.

It is not as expensive as wood siding but its price is more than the vinyl. Its cost per square foot ranges from $0.70 to $5. The best thing about it is its durability. It can last longer than other types of home sidings. So, we believe investing in it will be a wise decision.

This siding is composed of cement, silica, water, wood fiber, and other similar types of ingredients. This siding has huge heat and fire resistance because it has silica in it. Also, if you live near the ocean, this mobile home siding is best for you.

You can get it in different styles and designs. But, the two most common types are Hardiplank and Weatherboards.

No matter which type of siding you buy, they all are durable. They can last longer for almost 50 to 75 years. Moreover, they can save your home from rot, weather effects, UV rays, pests, and insects.

But, there is one negative aspect of them too.  The biggest disadvantage is their weight. They are more heavy than other mobile home siding. So, if you want to change the position of your home, this siding option will not be a good choice for you.

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5. Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding, also known as metal siding, is another common mobile home siding. People were using it for decades until vinyl siding and other options came into the picture.

This siding doesn’t weigh much. Moreover, it can’t be easily destroyed. So, it can protect your home from fire and insects. With it, it can endure different extreme weather conditions too. Also, it is energy efficient.

Its installment process is also quite easy to follow. They come in the form of large, overlapping vertical sheets. So, you can install them just like vinyl siding.

Also, you should be mindful of its thickness while buying it. The cheapest and thinnest aluminum siding is 40-gauge, and the expensive and thickest one is 53-gauge. We recommend you to buy the thickest one for better results.

But, it has some negative points too. This metal siding can have minor or major dents as time passes.

Also, it is less attractive. Moreover, it produces a lot of noise in different weather conditions which can be very annoying. Due to these negative aspects, a lot of people don’t prefer it.

So, these all are different mobile home siding options. But, which one is better for you? Let’s discuss this question.

Choose the Right Mobile Home Siding

For choosing the right mobile siding, you need to consider a lot of aspects. Some of these are:

  • Is there a lot of moisture in your area? How frequently does it rain in your area? If the weather remains rainy most of the time in your area, you should go for water resistant siding options. For example, Faux Stone can be a good choice for you.
  • Do you want to replace your home from one place to another? If the answer is yes, then you should look for light-weight mobile home siding. In this case, we recommend you to avoid Fiber cement siding and wood.

So, this is the basic information about different mobile home siding options. We hope that you learned something valuable.

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